Club # 84960 

Charterd in 2013 as the 100th E-Club in the Rotary world, we offer Rotary on YOUR time!


You may wonder about our name?

XX-flagHistorically, the State of Jefferson  was an effort culminating in 1941 when the counties of Northern California and Southern Oregon joined to form a new, more prosperous and self-determined state called Jefferson, named in honor of one of the founding fathers of the US and it's third President; Thomas Jefferson.  Some regarded this as subversive but that is far from the true purpose which was simply to work within Article IV, Section 3 of the US Constitution for the betterment of the citizens in the area.  The date was set for the formation of the State but was abandoned when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec 7 1941.Similarly, our desire and initial efforts towards the formation of our eClub began in the heart of this area with similar aspirations but primarily to adopt a new method of meeting and utilizing technology to further the Object of Rotary in accordance with the RI MOP.
A few have expressed opposition to our choice for our club name because of the political implications and the fact that Rotary is non political.  We certainly agree and in no way ascribe or support the local political efforts but do whole heartedly endorse the idea of a new beginning and a new way to participate in the world of Rotary!
We, the Charter members, do have the desire to "break away" from the traditional "Terra" Clubs that are our roots and move forward using technology to our advantage and to the advantage of Rotary globally while holding onto the Object of Rotary and living our lives according to The Four Way Test.  Likewise, we feel strongly that we, as individuals, need to maintain contact and involvement with our respective Terra Clubs and participate in their events and efforts.  Likewise, as a District 5110 club, we encourage active involvement at the District level and 100% support of the ideals and efforts of the current District Governor.
A note to the few that have complained or presented opposition to the adoption of our name; The District 5110 DG Line and the RI Extension Committee has approved and supports our choice.
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