Our Service Projects (past, current and planned)

    • new ideas in creating accessible gardening all over Oregon to address a variety of special needs.

    • a vocational service to district 5110
    • searchable online database for services offered by district Rotarians
  • Rent-A-Rotarian

    • list club members willing to participate with skills/services available for rent
    • members determine services, hourly rate and availablility
    • agreement/contract worked out between parties
    • one club has rented PR committee chair Rick Francona to MC its annual fundraiser
  • KIVA MicroCredit Project

    • empower small entrepreneurs worldwide with $25 loans
    • reinvest loan repayment in other loans
    • KIVA MicroLoans
  • Organ Donation

Make a donation to our eClub Foundation. Our service levels are dependent upon your generosity. Thanks!

State of Jefferson Rotary eClub Foundation
is a 501(c)3 Corporation
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