Service Projects Committee Goals


Initiate vocational service projects appropriate for an e-club and commensurate with members’ skills and passions; select community service projects based on members’ local community needs and members’ ability and willingness to support; participate in international service projects related to Rotary’s seven areas of focus and in support of Rotary Foundation programs.

  • Recruit committee members for the committee and subcommittees to function efficiently and engage other club members in service projects
  • Organize appropriate subcommittees to cover fundraising, grants management, community, international projects, and others as needed
  • Form a 501(c)3 club service foundation to support all club service projects
  • Establish a strong online fundraising set of programs and designate proceeds for the club’s service projects fund
  • Establish a process for proposal, approval, completion and monitoring of projects
  • Encourage club members to propose service projects, using the club application process, and lead them to completion
  • Encourage club members to develop relationships with their local Rotary club and community organizations for joint fundraising and service projects
  • Collaborate with TRF committee on international service projects
  • Coordinate with club PR committee to highlight special activities (fundraisers, new and completed service projects, etc)
  • Chronicle projects with photos on the club’s FaceBook page to raise awareness in members’ communities and as outreach to potential members
  • Keep board of directors informed with a brief monthly report of committee activities at monthly board meetings
  • Contribute updates and announcements to weekly online club meetings
  • Attend relevant district training seminars
  • Obtain assistance from district service projects and grants committees

Committee Chair: Gary Campbell

Fundraising: Carol Ruggeri, Marja Pfeifer

Community Service: Jackie Oakley, Roger Allen

International Service: Larry Holcomb, Rick Francona

Grant Management: Bruce Garrett

Vocational Service: Emily Francona, Jackie Oakley

Make a donation to our eClub Foundation. Our service levels are dependent upon your generosity. Thanks!

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