The Navajo Solar Light Project - Our Initial Challenge

Our purpose is to provide solar lighting to eight (8) Navajo families on the Navajo Reservation in Central Arizona.
Navajo The struggles of the Navajo Nation are above what we can fathom, the idea of not having basic needs met, like electricity.  Think of all the things we would not be able to do after the sun sets.  
Now, take a challenge.  For one (1) hour on any given evening, shut off your lights.  All of them.  Go to the kitchen and make a peanut butter sandwich.  Go to the restroom.  Get the kids or yourself ready for bed.  Bedtime story or an evening read?  Not likely.  Finish the hour by clipping coupons, picking up the house, and perhaps deciding what you will wear tomorrow.  Sound impossible?  This is ONE hour!  Imagine this as everyday life.

Please look at our project, see its value to humanity and give what you can.  This project is a match through a district grant.  We are proud to work along side the Rotary Club of Durango Daybreak to assure this basic need for 30 families living on the Navajo Reservation. We estimate about 6 members will provide their labor and cover their expenses for a 3 day work session next Spring from our partner club, with members of the eClub of Jefferson joining to complete the project.

In 2012-13, using a simplified grant, the Rotary Club of Durango ran a pilot program to provide and install solar lighting in homes of 12 Navajo families on the Reservation.  The program was a tremendous success and will light these homes for many years.  The beneficiaries were very appreciative of their work and the result.  During 2013-14 year,  the goal is to expand the program to 30 more Navajo families, prioritizing families with children and elderly.  

The Navajo Solar Light Project will provide solar lighting in the homes of selected Navajo families and elders living on the Navajo Reservation in central Arizona.  These families live far from the electric grid and have neither electrical lighting nor running water.  The solar light kits will afford many positive advantages to the families; normal household activities can continue after dark such as weaving, cooking, and attending to children.  The greatest advantage to children provides reading and studying after dark.

What We Need & What You Get

  • This is a $2000 total project cost.  A small price for such a basic need. We will be matching the $1000 of campaign with a Rotary District 5110 grant of district designated funds of $1000.
  • Check out our perks!  We want to thank you with a little something for your support to others.
  • If our goal is not met, we will look to local Rotary clubs for some help!

The Impact
Let me show you some examples of the campaign impact and see the difference your contribution will make:

  • Economic impact:  This humanistic benefit also impacts the positive economic possibilities when weaving, carving and other traditional crafts are able to be done after dark.  This empowers families to reach beyond the norm and create a stable economic position.
  • Educational Impact:  School age children are able to read, write, and study after dark with this beneficial lighting.  With this opportunity to expand learning time, it will assuredly show higher learning scores and the likelihood  of continuing education becomes more of a reality.
  • Health and Wellness Impact:  The health of children and the elderly are a primary focus to many of the Navajo living on the reservation.  Lighting provides safety and confidence in both of these age groups, benefiting all concerned.

Rotary is well known and well respected in the world community for humanitarian projects.  This project will impact eight families that are under served and underfunded.  I can only make this as real as the information given. I encourage you to Google this project and feel the impact you will make in the lives of the Navajo Nation.

Other Ways You Can Help
Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Spread the word to others about this project!  Have a dinner fundraiser, or another gathering to share and seek support.  Fifth week socials are a great way to increase fellowship and bring area Rotarians up to date on local and district projects. 
  • This campaign has share tools that we encourage you to utilize to share our project.  Where there is Rotary, there is hope.

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