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Do you need to find a speaker? Well, you've come to the right place! This is a great resource for quality speakers for your club. These speakers are all recommended by other clubs in our district.

Know a good speaker? Are you a speaker? Please send the name and contact information of speakers that you have enjoyed to Rick Francona and we will post them here.

A reminder from ROTARY CODE OF POLICIES, May 2012
7.040.1. Expenses of Speakers: Clubs that invite officers of RI, past officers of RI, or other Rotarians to come for visits are expected to pay their expenses.


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Rotaplast - Rotaplast in Bolivia, "Witnessing Miracles"

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 Gail Yakopatz - Honor Flight Oregon

Gail Yakopatz is the founder and President of Honor Flight Oregon. Honor Flight is a nationwide non-profit organization committed to getting veterans, with the current focus on World War II veterans, back to Washington DC, at no cost to the veteran, to see not only the World War II Memorial dedicated to them but also to see Arlington National Cemetery as well other Memorials such as Korea and Vietnam. Gail has a very moving message about the efforts to the members of the “Greatest Generation”. Gail can be reached at 541-955-4544 or . Gail is available for speaking at Rotary Clubs in Douglas, Josephine, Jackson, Coos, and Curry counties.


Mike Pungercar - Honor Flight

Mike Pungercar is an author, musician and the Project Manager for South Willamette Valley Honor Flight. Honor Flight is a nationwide non-profit organization committed to getting veterans, with the current focus on World War II veterans, back to Washington DC, at no cost to the veteran, to see not only the World War II Memorial dedicated to them but also to see Arlington National Cemetery as well other Memorials such as Korea and Vietnam. Mike has a very moving message about the members of the “Greatest Generation”. Mike can be reached at 541-746-3469 or . Mike is available for speaking at Rotary Clubs in Lane, Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties.


 Ruth Bauman - Health Care Issues

Ruth Bauman, currently CEO at ATRIO Health Plan, has a breadth of experience in the Medicare/Medicaid industry. Her previous work experience includes Clear One Health Plans and Regence. At ease with explaining the language of healthcare in a way that everyone can understand, Ruth knows how policies effect healthcare on a local and state-wide level. Contact her scheduling assistant, Sandy Brown at .

 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Bruce Allyn

Bruce Allyn was born in Grants Pass and graduated in 1975 from GPHS, where he was student body president and valedictorian. He was a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in 1981-82 to Oxford, where he received an MA in Politics and Philosophy and a Ph D? in Political Economy. He also has an MA in Soviet Studies from Harvard University. As Director of the Harvard-Soviet Joint Study on Crisis Prevention in the 1980s, Bruce worked with President Mikhail Gorbachev's inner circle on the dramatic political and economic reforms that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

During this time, he worked to convene the veterans of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, including former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, Fidel Castro, former Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko and Sergei Khrushchev, the son of the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev who edited his father's secret memoirs. Bruce published the results of the meetings in his acclaimed book Cuba on the Brink: Castro, the Missile Crisis and the Soviet Collapse (Pantheon 1993), which was hailed as "history by those who made it." Bruce's latest book Lessons of Armageddon is a memoir telling the behind-the-scenes stories of the Cuban missile crisis dialogues. His memoir was published in September 2012 as The Edge of Armageddon: Lessons from the Brink and is available on Amazon for download as an e-book. After working with the Gorbachev and Yeltsin governments in Russia, Bruce was invited to do further work on political and economic reform, drawing on what he learned from the Soviet transition toward a free-market economy, by consulting firms and governments in Lebanon, South Africa and Libya.

He has worked as a consultant to NBC and ABC News, published four books, articles in The New York Times, International Security and other leading media. He lived fifteen years in Moscow, five years in London and six years in the Middle East. He is now happy to return home to Grants Pass.

Bruce can be reached at .

Rotary Friendship Exchange 2011 - District 2420

Rick and Emily Francona will explain this international Rotary program and provide a program about their participation in a visit to District 2420 (Istanbul, Turkey) - available to south coast clubs). Contact Emily Francona

Global Change Impacts in Western and Coastal Oregon, now and in the Future - Al Solomon

Why global climate change is a Rotary International Concern

Rotarian Allen Solomon is a plant ecologist and paleoecologist who has specialized in research on global change biology since 1977. He retired from the US Forest Service in late 2009, and continues to learn and speak about global change and its implications.

Contact Allen Solomon

Rotary Peace Centers - Carol Fellows

Rotarian Carol Fellows from Ashland has an excellent presentation ready to go on the Rotary Peace Centers.

Contact Carol Fellows

Happiness at work - Chris Cook

Chris Cook, CEO of Capiche, addresses happiness at work and its importance in lowering costs, lowering turnover, and increasing productivity and profits.

Contact: or 541-601-0114.

The Rotary Foundation Alumni Outreach Program - Emily Francona

How can your club harness past TRF alumni to recruit new members, help with projects and fundraising? Alumni can be valuable and enthusiastic members of our family of Rotary. Contact Emily Francona.

Tim Hicks - Director, Master's Degree Program in Conflict and Dispute Resolution, University of Oregon

Conflict resolution in the workplace Conflict resolution in the family What is mediation and how/why might I use it?

Tim was a mediator in private practice for 14 years before coming to the University of Oregon to direct the Masters degree program. Prior to his mediation career, he and his wife started and managed two successful businesses, one that grew to 150+ employees. As a mediator, Tim worked in three primary sectors - family and divorce, workplace/organizational, and multi-party, environmental/public policy. He also consulted with and provided training for businesses and organizations in conflict management. He is the co-author of the book "The Process of Business/Environmental Collaborations: Partnering for Sustainability" and author of the article "Another Look At Identity-Based Conflict: The Roots of Conflict in the Psychology of Consciousness" (Negotiation Journal, Vol. 17, #1, January 2001). phone: 541-346-1604 / cell: 541-915-9606 /

Financial Fraud - Diane Childs

Diane Childs works for the state of Oregon out of the Salem office. She travels state wide and does public speaking on the subject of Financial Fraud. Well organized, concise and important message. Contact her at .

"Building Dialog in an Age of Demons" - Robert Killen

In this presentation, Robert discusses our current culture of demonization and challenge the audience to actively seek out opportunities to engage in constructive dialog with people of diverse opinions.

Crater Lake, Oregon's Only National Park - Steve Mark

Crater Lake - History of Crater Lake, Oregon's only National Park, as told by Ranger Steve Mark. Steve is a former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar (Australia 1985, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ashland). Contact Steve at .

"The Important and Lasting Impact of Dads" - Bob Hazleton

Bob Hazleton is author of Dads Matter and a member of the Corvallis After Five Rotary. After numerous interventions Bob and his wife Sherry sent their second son Jesse to a program for troubled teens. This led Bob to leave his engineering job and conduct personal growth seminars for troubled and at-risk teens. Bob talks about how much dads, or lack thereof, affected these teens. Bob talks about his inspiration for writing Dads Matter and how Rotary has assisted Bob in helping families. More at: www.dadsmatter.com Contact: Bob Hazleton, Rotary Club of Corvallis After Five, at or call 541-753-6825.

Norm Malmberg

"WCS in a Small Club and The Power of One" - Norm Malmberg

Norm Malmberg, a member of the Rotary Club of Scott Valley, spends about 30 minutes and several slides taking your club through this interesting facet of Rotary service and the process in completing their 6 matching grant projects in the Dominican Republic. The focus of the presentation is on how much a small Club can accomplish through "The Magic of Matching Funds". Norm needs a projector screen or blank wall and a small (4') table. He will bring his own power point projector and lap top computer. Contact: Norm Malmberg, Rotary Club of Scott Valley, at , or call 530-467-5740.

PDG Judi Beard Strubing - Zone 25 Rotary Coordinator

The Rotary Foundation, Rotaplast in Bolivia, Polio Eradication and Membership Development

 Membership: Getting them and Keeping them!
  • New Generations to Next Generations
  • “Seamless Rotary”
  • “This isn’t your Grandfather’s Rotary”
  • Using technology for World-wide communication and Rotary learning

Home town: Eugene

Click here for contact information - Judi

Mitch Allen - District Membership and Retention Chair

The Membership and Retention Committee is committed to promoting membership growth in District 5110 and for providing assistance to all clubs in initiating and implementing membership development programs with a special emphasis on retention.


Harriett Schloer - TRF District Polio Eradication Chair

Polio Plus Efforts in District 5110

Home Town: Bend

Click here for contact information - Harriett

Sharon Parks - Rotary First Harvest

Seeing bananas being thrown away in a major Klamath Falls grocery, Sharon Parks, a Klamath County Rotarian sought more information about food utilization, recovery and salvage. During this quest, she discovered Rotary First Harvest in Seattle. She and her club soon learned that Oregon is the most “food insecure” state in the nation. Sharon initiated RFH in District 5110. Sharon is founder, past president and honorary director of First Harvest.

Home Town: Klamath Falls

Click here for contact information - Sharon

Nancy Hughes -- Stove Team International


Nancy Hughes

Nancy Hughes was working as a volunteer in the kitchen with the Cascade Medical Team in Solola, Guatemala in the spring of 2004. One evening, a patient came into the kitchen of the public hospital where she was working and asked to delay the meal so she could say a few words to the team. This beautiful, eighteen-year-old indigenous woman had fallen onto a kitchen fire at age two and lost the use of her hands. For sixteen years she had prayed to use her hands. She told the doctors that they were the answer to her prayers. It was at that point when Nancy thought, "We need to do something to prevent burns rather than treat them."

When she returned to Eugene, Oregon, she asked her Rotary club, the Southtowne Rotary Club in Eugene, about sponsoring a grant to provide safer, fuel-efficient stoves to the people in Central America. They encouraged her to write the grant proposal, and she not only wrote that grant but went on to apply for grants from Carlos Santana’s Milagro Foundation and Synchronicity Foundation. Those initial grants helped create Stove Team International, an organization that addresses preventable problems caused by smoky open fires in rural homes. These problems include debilitating upper respiratory, eye and skin diseases, tragic burns and untreated hernias caused by carrying heavy loads of firewood.

The team now works in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and Nicaragua!

Home Town: Eugene

Click here for Nancy's contact information

Information about our Major Matching Grants and our projects is available on the StoveTeam International web site.


Patty Davis -- Ronald McDonald House of Charities of Central Oregon

I am the Marketing & Special Events Coordinator for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Oregon located here in Bend. Our Executive Director, Zak Boone, and I are both professional speakers with a strong background in stage and radio performance.We always welcome the opportunity to share the amazing and inspiring Ronald McDonald House story, a story that began with a Philadelphia Eagle's football player's very ill child, and continues today, more than 30 years later with more than 270 Ronald McDonald Houses serving families in need worldwide.

Home Town: Bend

Patty Davis

Work: 541-318-4950 Cell: 541-948-9114

Eloquence Communication

Michelle Franco speaks on:

  • Authentic Speaking
  • Championing Your Business
  • The Eloquent Entrepreneur

Eloquence Communication 541-280-7968

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