shelterbrotaryShelterBox and Rotary: Partners in Disaster Relief

ShelterBoxRWe have participated in Project ShelterBox even before our club was officially chartered in early 2013 - it was our first project!

Thus far, we have sponsored four ShelterBoxes, and one ShelterKit:
- 2012, a ShelterBox for flood relief effort in Niger 
- 2012, a a ShelterBox for Syrian refugees in Lebanon
- 2015, a ShelterBox for earthquake relief in Nepal
- 2016, a ShelterBox for refugees in Syria
- 2017, a ShelterKit for Hurricane Irma relief efforts in Puerto Rico

We currently have $300 towards our next ShelterBox - please donate!

Make a donation to our ShelterBox Fund.

SoJ Rotary eClub Foundation
is a 501(c)3 Corporation

Find out more about this international project:

Contact club ShelterBox ambassador Rick for more information!

Make a donation to our eClub Foundation. Our service levels are dependent upon your generosity. Thanks!

State of Jefferson Rotary eClub Foundation
is a 501(c)3 Corporation
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