bellAugust 10, 2017     

With the traditional ringing of the bell we bring this meeting to order!

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Visiting Rotarians have a makeup form available at the end of this meeting;

your small donation for making up with us helps fund our service projects!  

Visitors are always welcome to browse and register without obligation.


# TRFMark T. McConnell 2017-08-10 11:41
Rotary Direct is a great way to donate. $10 a month is a painless way to fulfill the goal for each member to give at least $109 -- Mine is on the credit card so it earns a few miles for travel as well !!

# TRFEmily Francona 2017-08-11 12:33
Mark: thanks for leading by example and inspiring the rest of us! Emily
# programJohn Cox 2017-08-11 08:14
The problem that I see with Rotary leaders is the issue, common to many organizations, is the in breeding. That is leaders selected not on accomplishment but on politics and who you know. D5110 avoid this in selecting the DG by a committee where club members are the majority. I have not been and am not now interested in higher office in Rotary so this comes from my observing who and how folks are selected for Director.

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