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        Positions -  2017-18 eMail

Officer Positions

  President (P) Oakley, Jackie
  Vice President (VP) Martin, Kevin
  President-Elect (PE) Rick Francona
  Immediate Past President (IPP) John Allman
  President-Nominee (PN) Carol Ruggeri
  Secretary (S) Allen, Mitchell L.
  Treasurer (T) John Cox
  Director  2017-18 (1 yr term) Marja Pfeifer  
  Director  2017-19 (2yr term) Emily Francona
  Director 2017-20 (3yr term) Jean Hamilton
  Director  2017-20 (3yr term) Carol Ruggeri

Committee Chairs

  Membership (M) Hamilton, Jean
  Rotary Foundation (TRF) Ruggeri, Carol
  Public Relations (PR) Francona, Rick
  Service Projects Campbell, Gary
  Webmaster (WM) Martin, Kevin
  Club RYLA  Kincade, Wendy
  Weekly Meetings Garrett, Bruce
  Weekly Meetings Emily Francona
  Grant Mgmt. Bruce Garrett
  Rotaract Kincade, Wendy  
  Literacy/Dictionary Project Bruce Garrett
  Shelter Box Rick Francona
  4way Speech Contest TBA  
  Assistant Governor Doris Towery
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