Some are already Rotarians long before they know it!

When you read Rotarian Davie Martin's story, you will recognize just such a Rotarian in the making!

Davie Martin ADavie and her husband - our very own club webmaster Kevin, live in a small rural community in northern California.  Years ago, long before Davie ever considered joining Rotary , she was already a dedicated and contributing member of her community.  This is the account of a fellow Rotarian and friend, Vinnie McNeill, about Davie's community service initiative identifying a need, seeking solutions, inspiring and engaging others and completing a project with significant impact on real people in her community.  This is precisely what Rotarian's do and in the process Davie became an official Rotarian - personifying what Service Above Self means!

Making a Difference

The Rotary Club of Scott Valley is located in a small, rural valley mostly alfalfa ranches, retired folks and in the year of 2002, 15% unemployed. A community member, Davie Martin, approached the club and asked for help. Our ambulance, manned by volunteers, was breaking down on medical runs and in desperate need of replacement. The fire department had tried to raise the funds but was unsuccessful.

A group of Rotarians, headed by Rotary President John Pomeroy, and members Bob McNeil, Lori Fleck, Vinnie McNeil and civilians Davie Martin and Amy Stacker met and started a campaign to raise money. Every person in the valley was asked to contribute. We got $1 donations from little old ladies, who gave numerous times, and bigger donations from those more able. Every donation was acknowledged with a letter of thanks and in less than 6 months the ambulance was delivered, outfitted and working.

Davie Martin was so impressed with the group effort, she became a member of Rotary. She had furthered her education and became a paramedic. In the Rotary year of 2005-2006 Davie was honored as District 5110 Rotarian of the Year by District Governor Walt Schloer for her efforts during Hurricane Katrina. Davie served our community for over 12 years answering calls and riding the ambulance. Davie became an instructor at College of the Siskiyou’s and has shared her knowledge with those becoming EMT’s and paramedics.

This story became “up close and personal” when on 5/27/2017 I had a heart attack. The ambulance was at my home in record time and the paramedic did an outstanding job of getting me to Asante Hospital. My cardiologist commended the young man saying “he did everything right and saved your life”. His instructor was Rotarian Davie Martin.

I am grateful to be a Rotarian, and owe my life to a group of individuals that met the challenge of Service Above Self.

Rotary People of Action


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